Barrister: Alastair Hogarth

Years qualified: 19 years

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Alastair Hogarth became qualified to accept instructions via Direct Access in 2012 and the focus of his Direct Access practice has been on divorce, an area in his opinion perfectly suited to Direct Access and where the cost savings of coming direct to a barrister can be remarkable.

Having practiced in the often highly emotive area of Family Law since 2005 Alastair well understands how difficult relationship breakdown can be for both Husbands and Wives and aims to remove a great deal of the aggravation caused by protracted solicitor correspondence. Given the particular stresses of divorce Alastair has developed a sympathetic but practical approach. He is also committed to methods of alternative dispute resolution with the aim of resolving disputes as amicably as possible.

Alastair aims to bring calm and confidence to what can initially appear daunting and overwhelming circumstances. He can assist with advice as to the various stages of proceedings, assist in the preparation of documents and provide representation at hearings. Alastair has a reputation for his easy-going manner, which puts clients at their ease, as well as his tenacious but realistic approach. He provides simple, clear advice and representation whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

Alastair is available to assist in all areas following relationship breakdown, principally ancillary relief (division of assets and maintenance) and children disputes (residence and contact).

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