Barrister: James Thacker

Years qualified: 23 years

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James Thacker prosecutes and defends a broad spectrum of serious offences, with specialisms in child abuse, crime, financial crime, rape and regulatory offences.

James is known for his thorough preparation, calm collected approach, devastatingly good cross examination and his natural ability to connect with juries.

James has prosecuted and defended in several high profile, multi-handed, high value, complex frauds. He has significant experience of leading the team to successful outcomes and appearing against Queen’s Counsel. He is experienced in the use of Electronic Presentation of Evidence and is content to accept instructions this way.

James is briefed on a wide spectrum of fraud cases ranging from the most straightforward to major business crime perpetrated against multinationals, banking institutions and Trusts involving substantial overpayment, legal argument and factual complexities.

He is a grade 4 prosecutor, is approved to prosecute fraud, rape cases and other serious sexual offences and has been appointed to the Regulatory List enabling him to prosecute on behalf of the HSE and the Environment Agency. James also prosecutes on behalf of executive agencies of the Department of Health such as NHS Protect and the MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulation Authority) in complex and high profile cases of fraud and regulatory offences involving leading consultants, doctors, dentists, pharmacists and pharmaceuticals.

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