Barrister: Marc Tregidgo

Years qualified: 22 years

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Marc Tregidgo advises upon all aspects of the law of contract and land law (residential, commercial and family), drafts letters and statements of case and negotiates on behalf of those involved in a range of contentious matters. He frequently appears before the County Courts and the High Court on behalf of individuals engaged in complex and protracted business and domestic disputes. An experienced trial lawyer, he has successfully defended matters ranging from allegations of fraud and breach of contract in the civil courts, to criminal prosecutions in the Crown Court.

My approach

Preparation: There is simply no substitute for examining the relevant detail of a case with a client, after having thoroughly read all of the relevant papers, in advance of going to Court or even drafting an initial letter: time and again pieces of information emerge which are either not considered by a client to be factually significant or legally relevant, although which are in fact capable of either materially improving his or her position, or even turning things around entirely. The benefits of listening carefully must rarely be more pivotal. The careful and detailed preparation of witness statements for use in the case is also absolutely essential in order to ensure that no important point is omitted, as a lack of attention to this early in a case can prove to be fatal at trial.

Support: I understand the pressure individuals can be subjected to in litigation and am always willing to discuss case preparation and management in order to overcome anxieties. I am always available out-of-hours and at weekends if that is what the circumstances of a case require; family legal disputes are inevitably one of the most distressing and emotionally draining experiences an individual can face in his or her life.

Advice: My aim is to give straightforward advice about the likely outcome of a dispute based on experience and analysis – and to give a decisive recommendation as to the best way forward. I will help the client to understand the perspectives of the court and other participants and quickly guide as to the most effective way in which to defend a position or advance a case, or even avoid having to go to court altogether. Most of my work comes through referrals and the greatest job satisfaction I can receive is when those I have worked with recommend me to others.

Cost: A major concern for a client is the cost of becoming embroiled in legal action and going to court. My fees are agreed in writing in advance and I am always prepared to be flexible in response to an individual’s personal financial circumstances. Every aspect of work is time-recorded and continuously updated to the client by e-mail in order to help meet individual needs and objectives.

About me

I am a civil litigation barrister with a practice encompassing commercial, property, administrative and family law.

Professional & academic

Education & Qualifications

LLB (Hons), BVC Inns of Court School of Law (Very Competent – Outstanding in Civil & Criminal Litigation), Major Scholarship, The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple

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