Barrister: Sarah Hunwick

Years qualified: 13 years

Contact Sarah on: 020 7832 0567 or


Sarah Hunwick is pragmatic and down to earth, which means she is able to assist direct access clients through what is often a daunting experience, whilst helping to keep the costs as low as possible. Sarah can be instructed directly to give advice (either in writing or at a meeting), to draft documents on your behalf and to represent you in Court.

Sarah has particular expertise in family law, including applications concerning contact or who children should live with following the breakdown of a relationship / marriage.

If you have been injured either as the result of negligence or a crime, Sarah can advise on the best way forward whether that be a civil claim for personal injury or an application for compensation made to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

Sarah is frequently instructed to appear on behalf of clients facing drink driving or related charges in the criminal courts, for which Legal Aid is unavailable.

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