CICA Hearings

Our CICA hearings barristers have considerable expertise in criminal injuries compensation claims. Our members are responsible for writing the main text books in this area of law and have considerable experience of representing innocent victims of crimes of violence including:

  • Fatal Criminal Injuries
  • Victims Of Domestic Abuse
  • Victims Of Neglect & FASD
  • Victims Of Sexual Abuse
  • Victims Of Violent Assaults

We can represent you at every stage of the application process, against the CICA, before the Tribunal and on Judicial Review to the Upper Tribunal and even up to the Court of Appeal.

We are used to dealing with issues of eligibility such as:

  • Conduct at the time of the incident.
  • Factual and medical causation, which can be difficult to prove in these cases.
  • Non-payment of tax and the like.
  • Reporting

It can be complicated to work out how much your case is worth in criminal injuries claims taking into account state benefits and local authority funding of care, but our barristers are well used to dealing with such matters. We understand that these claims are vitally important to applicants and their families.