Our environmental barristers only covers claims where human health is at risk or there is harm to the amenity of a neighbourhood or private land. We use a wide range of powers to ensure that all reasonable steps are taken to achieve a satisfactory outcome for the client. This will include powers under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, the Housing Act 1985, Public Health Acts, the Noise Act 1996, the Occupiers’ Liability Acts of 1957 and 1984, the Defective Premises Act 1972 and the Control of Pollution Act 1974.

We provide expertise in claims concerning a statutory nuisance (prejudicial to health and a nuisance) in accordance with the provisions contained in the Environmental Protection Act 1990, personal injury, common law nuisance, negligence, and public law remedies.

We regularly represent individuals, businesses, local authorities and group actions on claims arising from the state of premises, smoke emissions, accumulations or deposits of waste, animals, noise from premises, noise from vehicles or equipment, odours, and infestations from ants, rats, insects etc.

Areas of expertise:

  • Aircraft
  • Accumulations / Deposits Of Waste
  • Animals
  • Appeals Against The Service Of An Abatement Notice
  • Artificial Light Nuisance
  • Compensation & Damages
  • Consultation
  • Contaminated Land
  • Concerts & Festivals
  • Costs
  • Defective Premises & Structures
  • Dust, Steam & Smells Arising On Industrial / Trade / Business Premises
  • Human Rights
  • Infestations
  • Injunctions
  • Judicial Review
  • Local Authority Applications
  • Local Government Ombudsman Complaints
  • Misfeasance
  • Negligence
  • Noise From Premises / Land
  • Noise From Vehicles / Equipment
  • Nuisance
  • Odours
  • Public Law Duties
  • Public Nuisance
  • Public Policy
  • Smoke Emissions
  • Section 82 Proceedings
  • Trespass
  • Vicarious Liability

Environmental Barristers