Our healthcare barristers have a vast amount of experience dealing with a wide range of cases.

The healthcare industry faces tremendous changes in the 21st century – growing demand, new business models, new laws and intense government scrutiny. Clients benefit from our expertise in this complex field, which combines an intimate knowledge of the healthcare industry with a sharp focus on the full range of relevant legal issues.

We have the ability to guide health service organisations and professionals through the highly complex and constantly evolving array of laws and regulations in this specialised area of law has propelled me to the forefront of healthcare law. As a result, we are able to design effective solutions and produce actionable recommendations rooted in the practical realities of public policy, legal requirements, operational considerations and business imperatives. We work closely with healthcare providers (organisations and practitioners), patients, and with other litigators to provide a full range of integrated healthcare investigative, litigation, regulatory and commercial services.

We represent clients in in all types of healthcare-related litigation, including disputes between hospitals and patients, primary care providers, local dental and medical committees, pharmaceutical suppliers, inquests, procurement, contract disputes, proposals to reconfigure services, the entitlement to treatment and the denial of insurance benefits for practitioners and patients. We bring a broad base of experience and a deep understanding of the business and practice of healthcare to providing healthcare-related legal services.

Whether we are providing advice or negotiating on behalf of a client, we have the knowledge, skills and expertise to help clients achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Our pharmaceutical sector work includes handling disputes relating to the publication of clinical, reimbursement and marketing information about pharmaceutical products, and pharmaceutical products liability and negligence actions in connection with failure to warn and misfiled prescription claims.

By combining cutting-edge litigation knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, with deep experience in the healthcare industry, we can help clients achieve cost-effective and, most important, sustainable results.