Our inquests barristers are experienced in dealing with a wide range of inquests, including the death of British nationals abroad in terrorist attacks, deaths following road traffic accidents where there are contributory factors such as roadworks or hazards and inquests which involve accusations of failures by police forces or deaths in custody.

An inquest is a legal investigation to find out the circumstances surrounding a person’s death including when and where the death occurred and how the person died.

The investigation is held in public at a coroner’s court in cases where: a death was sudden, violent or unnatural; a death occurred in prison or police custody or the cause of death is still unknown after a post-mortem (the examination of a body after death).

After the death of a loved one in these circumstances, it is vital that family members of the deceased (and other interested parties) receive professional advice and support during this difficult process. We understand the inquest process can be extremely distressing for loved ones and we work with you closely to guide you through the process with support and top quality representation.