Personal Injury

Our personal injury barristers know that every event can have an impact on your life. This is why our team of well-ranked, highly respected and experienced legal experts offer you the best advice, whatever the injury.

Personal injury takes many forms – from modest physical injury and psychological distress to catastrophic damage, it covers a wide spectrum of injuries.

England and Wales does not operate a “no fault” compensation system. So, if you suffer an injury where you think there is a blameworthy party, we can help in advising you practically and realistically about whether you have a claim with a prospect of success. If you do, the barristers at 9 Squared can advise you on how best to navigate the uncertain and intimidating process of litigation through to a satisfactory solution.

Our many years of experience dealing with Claimants and Defendants on personal injury matters have allowed us to understand the complex results of a personal injury including the distress of disability, and the upset that loss of earnings brings not just to an injured Claimant but also to the family as a whole.

That is why 9 Squared can offer you a service in which you can trust.