Disciplinary Proceedings

Our disciplinary proceedings barristers are highly experienced practitioners with vast experience of disciplinary proceedings. This includes drafting documents and appearing as an advocate at the hearing.

Complaints against professionals in the healthcare sector require experience and expertise in this complex area of law. Practitioners appearing before a disciplinary body can be a stressful experience.

Allegations can have a damaging impact on your professional reputation, your career and livelihood.

Instructing specialist practitioners is of paramount importance. Members of the Disciplinary Team can provide you with helpful advice and support.

We provide assistance to a wide range of practitioners in a variety of disciplines. This can include issues such as convictions, failing to comply with standards, allegations of dishonesty, inappropriate claims, harm to patients, consent to treatment, data protection, record keeping etc.

It is important that instructions are received at the early stages of the disciplinary process. This enables us to identify important issues, to assess the need to instruct experts, obtaining witness statements and disclosure. It is important to assess the evidence, the risks and possible outcome.

We appear at all levels of the process, including internal appeals, High Court appeals and appeals in the Court of Appeal.