Health & Community Care

Our health & community care barristers have a vast amount of experience dealing with a wide range of cases.

Healthcare law requires an in depth knowledge of the law, an understanding of statutory procedures and working as a team with eminent experts.

A claimant may have a cause of action in contract, tort or a public law remedy.

As financial resources become scarce and governments seek to lower standards the importance of healthcare issues become more apparent.

Interim remedies will be of importance in certain cases and instructing relevant experts is a priority.

Areas of expertise:

  • Access & Entitlement To Health Services
  • Care Home Claims
  • Care Homes & Poor Treatment
  • Care Quality Commission Appeals
  • Clinical Research
  • Community Care
  • Confidentiality & Breach Of Confidence
  • Contagious Disease Control
  • Data Protection & Access To Health Records
  • Enforcing Statutory Duties To Provide Health Services
  • Insurance Claims
  • IVF
  • Living Wills & Powers Of Attorney
  • Mental Health & Capacity
  • Organ & Tissue Ownership
  • Prescriptions & Entitlement To Drugs

Health & Community Care Barristers