Local Government

Our local government barristers advise on a broad range of areas relevant to local authorities in an efficient and cost effective manner. In addition to our expertise in public and administrative law, we have an unrivalled depth of knowledge and experience across the whole spectrum of local government law, including environmental, education, community care, highways, health, housing, compulsory purchase, public procurement, freedom of information, food safety, council tax, business rates, housing, property, freedom of information, nuisance and anti-social behaviour.

Understanding how local authorities function and the impact of laws and regulation on local administration require practitioners to have an in-depth understanding of this complex area of law. It is even more important with the government cutting costs, privatising and selling assets, turning to or away from public-private partnerships as well as reducing public sector spending in some areas.

Clients include local authorities, consultants, corporates, utilities, businesses, charities and individuals. We advise and assist a large number of local authorities on the implementation of their powers as well as with drafting and interpreting legislation. As a result, we fully understand the complexities and challenges of this area of law. We also advise and assist individuals on whether local authorities have exercised their powers in accordance with the law.

Working in close partnership with clients, we understand their needs and their goals. When matters go to court, our experience and reputation in this complex area helps to achieve the best results for our clients. Members frequently appear in the County Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and tribunals.