What Is Direct Access?

Barristers at 9 Gough Chambers strive to provide an excellent service to clients in terms of quality of work, timely delivery, professional behaviour, high standards, client service and value for money.

We have been providing this service to solicitors for over 60 years.

We can now provide legal services directly to the public. This means you do not need to use or instruct a solicitor in order to use our first class services.

Our role remains essentially the same. We can advise you on a wide range of matters.

Members of the direct access team can draft and send documents for you and can represent you in all courts and tribunals. We can also represent you at mediations and arbitrations.

By going directly to a barrister you are able to choose the right legal expert for your circumstances and you will almost certainly find us less expensive than using a solicitor. Our barristers are experts in their area of knowledge and are therefore ideally placed to guide and advise you through the complexities of legal matters.

We aim to provide a consistent service to our clients. We take all reasonable steps to ensure you receive a favourable outcome. This includes negotiating with the other party.

In summary, you are allowed to go directly to members for advice, representation and drafting.

Remember that:

  • All barristers are indemnified for any work they undertake.
  • All barristers work within their scope of practice.
  • All barristers follow professional standards.

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